We provide Europe’s best coldroom and refrigeration services today in the UK & Ireland. Offering one of the largest ranges of integral & remote refrigeration systems also from stock and we aim to deliver and install within 3-5 days from date of order, where required.

Bespoke Coldrooms

Celltherm Coldrooms Limited has been at the forefront of coldroom technology development for over 30 years. In fact we were one of the 1st companys in the world to introduce a “CFC FREE” polyurethane panel.

This constant product development and improvement has put our company at the top of the Quality tree in this competitve coldroom marketplace. Aside from our general day-to-day modular coldrooms we operate a specialist side to our manufacturing facility.

We create individual coldrooms based on Consultant Design and specifications. Site conditions and product characteristics are big fatcors at the design stage and they feed into the production process through a way of constant improvement.

Our bespoke coldroom solutions like all Celltherm Coldroom and refrigeration products are manufactured to to the highest German standards and exceed all the required German and EU approved quality standards.

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Europe's best coldrooms

Celltherm Coldrooms also provide specialist coldroom solutions required for the Laboratory Industry and Medical Fields. These involve special equipment and finishes from anti-bacterial coatings to coldroom panels and humidity controls. We can supply and install alarm systems including units that can be easily incorporated into a BMS (business management system) for full control monitoring.

World Renowned German Engineered Coldrooms

Based in Narborough, Leicester in the East Midlands of the UK. We are at the hub of the country’s main motorway network. We carry one of the industry’s largest stock of modular coldroom panels, refrigeration equipment and shelving systems. This enables the selection and delivery of the largest range of coldroom sizes from stock of any UK coldroom manufacturer.

We offer a vast range of coldroom options to suit our customer’s individual needs. Our range of sizes and delivery service is second to none.