Modular Coldrooms

Established as one of the foremost specialist manufacturers of cold and freezer rooms in Europe, Celltherm’s reputation for quality and strength has been hard earned.

Modular Refrigeration

With a choice of models every 175mm (length & depth), Celltherm boasts the largest range of standard sized rooms available in Europe today and with a choice of three height options (1960mm, 2110mm and 2260mm) there will always be a modualr Celltherm room to suit your purpose and your application.

The Celltherm range of high quality modular coldrooms consists of over 600 different models available from stock.

Our range of modular coldrooms have an incremental height of 150mm so you can increase above standard stoked height of 2260 up to 2410mm, 2560mm and so on.

World Renowned German Engineered Coldrooms

We stock our range of modular coldrooms with integral, remote and low noise remote refrigeration systems available for delivery and/or installation anywhere in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Unique to Celltherm, our “Passer – System” together with foamed-in camlocks offers unbeatable strength and tightness of jointgiving maximum efficiency. An addedbenefit of this allows the rooms to be easilydismantled and moved or extended even many years after their original installation.

Our standard rooms have an enamel coated (RAL 9002) steel exterior incorporated into an 80mm polyurethane panel. Easy-to-use jumbo door handle includes a safety release to prevent accidental lock-ins. The internal release handle is self-illuminating for use in the dark.