Integral Refrigeration

Celltherm Coldrooms supply and install a range of integral refrigeration systems.

Remote Refrigeration

They are available in a range of chiller and freezer models and work to maintain temperatures of -2C/+4C for Chiller coldrooms and -18C/-21C for freezer coldrooms. There are 5 chiller integral systems along with 5 freezer freezer integral refrigeration systems. These integral refrigeration systems are vailable in wall (straddle) mounted or in ceiling mounted integral refrigeration configuration. These units are ideal in well ventilated locations and work well in environments of up to 32C ambient.

Remote or low noise refrigeration systems

These units are not normally suitable for hot kitchens or confined locations. For hot kitchens or confined locations with limited ventilation, we would recommend our range of remote or low noise refrigeration systems. They operate more efficiently in warmer, less-ventilated environments.